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  • Dear friends, I am posting this for those who would like to make it. Thorne was a cherished teacher, ... More

  • As announced in the most recent SPR email newsletter, the SPR Research & Education Foundation has issued ... More

  • I believe that the ideal way to perform intussusception reduction would be the use of CO2 pressure control ... More

  • We use a BP manual pump for the air with a pop-off valve to regulate pressure between the pump and the ... More

  • We could not procure a branded device and so we decided to make an air reduction kit! We used the pressure ... More

  • Hello all, I agree that a continuous flow rate  is beneficial. However,  the use of a double balloon ... More

  • Hi Joshua, We are using 'medical air' on the wall for intussusception reduction with a device (photoes ... More

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  • At CHOP, our NICU, PICU, and ED have well-developed POCUS programs, and General Peds is also beginning ... More